Missouri Medical Cannabis Sales Reach $200M in 14 Months


2022-01-04 03:30:11 Ganjapreneur


Medical cannabis sales in Missouri have surpassed $200 million during the program’s first 14 months, according to state Department of Health and Senior Services data outlined by the eMissourian. In all, there are more than 160,000 medical cannabis patients in the state. So far, there are 180 dispensaries, 58 manufacturing facilities, 41 cultivators, 19 transportation-related businesses, and eight testing laboratories licensed by the state. In 2020, however, 85% of 2,200 medical cannabis commercial license applications in the state were denied, hemp farmer Michael Desmond wrote in an op-ed in the Missouri Independent. Kathleen Beebe, a spokeswoman with Missouri Health and Wellness, told eMissourian that the industry has, so far, created 6,000 jobs in the state. She added that she expects the number of registered patients in the state to “dramatically increase” as people gain an understanding of how the cannabis plant could help them. Legal cannabis advocates in the state, led by Legal Missouri 2022, are campaigning to put an adult-use question on this year’s midterm ballots and must collect 175,000 signatures to put the issue to voters. The medical cannabis initiative was approved by 66% of Missouri voters in 2018. The legalization proposal, a constitutional amendment, would create an automatic expungement program for citizens convicted of nonviolent cannabis-related offenses. It would tax adult-use cannabis sales at 6%, with revenues earmarked for the state health department, veteran care, drug addiction treatment, and the state’s public defenders program. Under the proposal, cities could add an additional 3% sales tax if they choose. The amendment would grant 144 new cannabis business licenses via lottery, with 66% of them set aside for cultivation companies and 33% for dispensaries. Get daily news insights in your inbox. Subscribe End Authored By: TG joined Ganjapreneur in 2014 as a news writer and began hosting the Ganjapreneur podcast in 2016. He is based in upstate New York, where he also teaches media studies at a local university.
根据《使者》概述的州卫生部和高级服务部门的数据,在该项目的前14个月,密苏里州的医用大麻销售额超过了2亿美元。该州总共有超过16万名医用大麻患者。 到目前为止,有180个药房,58个生产设施,41个种植者,19个运输相关企业和8个国家许可的检测实验室。然而,2020年,该州2200份医用大麻商业许可申请中有85%被拒绝,大麻农民迈克尔·德斯蒙德在《密苏里独立报》的一篇专栏文章中写道。 密苏里州健康与健康协会的女发言人凯瑟琳·毕比(Kathleen Beebe)告诉eMissourian,到目前为止,该行业已经在该州创造了6000个就业机会。她补充说,她预计随着人们了解大麻植物如何帮助他们,该州登记的患者数量将“大幅增加”。 由密苏里州2022年法律协会领导的该州合法大麻倡导者正在开展活动,在今年的中期投票中提出一个成人使用问题,必须收集17.5万个签名才能向选民提出这个问题。医用大麻倡议在2018年得到了66%密苏里州选民的批准。 合法化提案是一项宪法修正案,将为被判犯有非暴力大麻相关罪行的公民创建一个自动除名计划。它将对成人使用的大麻销售征收6%的税,收入专用于州卫生部、退伍军人护理、毒瘾治疗和该州的公设辩护人项目。根据该提案,如果城市愿意,可以额外增加3%的销售税。 该修正案将通过抽签方式授予144个新的大麻经营许可证,其中66%留给种植公司,33%留给药房。 在收件箱中获取每日新闻见解。订阅 结束 作者: TG于2014年加入Ganjapreneur担任新闻作家,并于2016年开始主持Ganjapreneur播客。他住在纽约州北部,在当地的一所大学教授媒体研究。