Judge threatens to delay or even spike $70m CVS-Aetna merger

美哥伦比亚特区联邦法官或将推翻 CVS -Aetna合并,称该交易可能未经审查

2018-12-04 14:39:13 mass


A federal judge last week reportedly threatened to derail the already-closed $70 billion buyout of health insurer Aetna (NYSE:AET) by CVS Health (NYSE:CVS), saying he felt “kept in the dark, kind of like a mushroom.” At a normally routine hearing last week prior to approving the deal, Judge Richard Leon, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, said he might put off a decision until the summer or even spike the deal altogether, Reuters reported. “I was reviewing your motion, which, of course is not opposed. And I kind of got this uneasy feeling that I was being kept in the dark, kind of like a mushroom,” Leon said, noting that the American Medical Association, among others, had objected to the deal. “I’m very concerned, very concerned that you all are proceeding on a rubber-stamp approach to this.” The companies closed the buyout, announced in December 2017, on Nov. 28. It calls for Aetna stockholders to receive $145 in cash and 0.8378 CVS shares for each AET share, for a total value of $212 per share or roughly $70 billion. Woonsocket, R.I.-based CVS is financing the deal with cash on hand and debt, including a $40 billion senior notes offering and a two-tranche term loan of $5 billion. But in order to seal the deal, Aetna had to agree to deal its 2.2-million-member Medicare Part D drug plan to WellCare Health Plans (NYSE:WCG). That deal is slated to close within the next few business days, pending Leon’s approval. “It’s commonplace for acquisitions to close before this final step in the process is complete, and our focus remains on delivering on the combined company’s potential,” CVS said in prepared remarks to the wire service.
据报道,上周一名联邦法官威胁称,要推翻已经结束的CVS Health ( NYSE : CVS )对健康保险公司 Aetna ( NYSE : AET )700亿美元的收购交易,并表示自己“完全被蒙在鼓里。” 据路透社报道,美国哥伦比亚特区地方法院( U.S . District Court for Columbia )的理查德·莱昂( Richard Leon )法官在上周例行听证会上表示,他可能会推迟到夏天再做决定,甚至干脆终止这笔交易。 莱昂说道:“我正在审查有关动议,当然这不是反对。我感到不安的是,我完全被蒙在鼓里,”他指出,美国医学协会( American Medical Association )和其他机构都没有反对这笔交易。“我非常担心,非常担心你们都像盖橡皮图章一样(即未经审查就批准的做法)来处理这一问题。” 两家公司于2017年12月28日宣布完成了收购。规定 Aetna 股东每股AET 股份获得145美元现金和0.8378股 CVS 股份,总价值约700亿美元或每股212美元。总部位于罗德岛文索基特的CVS正在用手头现金和债务为这笔交易融资,包括400亿美元的优先票据发行和50亿美元的两期定期贷款。但为了敲定协议, Aetna 不得不同意将其220万成员的 Medicare Part D 药物计划转让给维家保健公司WellCare Health Plans ( NYSE : WCG )。这笔交易将在未来几个工作日内完成,等待莱昂的批准。 CVS通过事先准备好的发言表示:“在最后这一步完成之前结束收购已经司空见惯,我们的重点仍然是发挥合并后公司的潜力。”