Delivra Publishes Positive Results From Study For Topical Advil, Celebrex

Delivevra 最新研究成果 Celebrex 能够安全有效地疼痛治疗

2018-12-12 09:16:24 RTTNews


Delivra Corp. (DVA.V) on Tuesday announced the publication of positive data from a pre-clinical study demonstrating the safety and efficacy to treat pain directly with a topical version of Advil or ibuprofen, and Celebrex or celecoxib. The company noted that while testing for effects on joint pain and inflammation, topical Delivra-ibuprofen and Delivra-celecoxib formulations offer sustained long-term pain and swelling reduction, compared to oral equivalents. These results were published in the respected peer-reviewed scientific journal, Journal of Pain Research, under the title, "Penetration and efficacy of transdermal NSAIDs in a model of acute joint inflammation". In pre-clinical testing, undertaken by an independent third-party research organization, the Delivra-ibuprofen and Delivra-celecoxib formulations provided sustained pain reduction. In the study, both Delivra formulations were tested in an acute dog model of arthritis where the formulation performed equally or better for swelling and pain reduction compared its oral equivalent and test controls. For these two formulations, the company has two PCT patent pending applications. "This impressive data further validates Delivra's platform technology by outperforming oral delivery and offering patients an effective, safe and convenient cream for pain management. Our robust pharmaceutical pipeline of high-value innovative products, including Delivra-ibuprofen and Delivra-celecoxib formulations, provide an array of unique commercialization opportunities," said Dr. Joseph Gabriele, CEO of Delivra. For comments and feedback contact: Business News
Delivevra 公司(DVA.V)于本周二公布了一项临床前研究的积极数据。该研究证明了直接使用 Advil或布洛芬的外用制剂 Celebrex 或celecoxib治疗疼痛的安全性和有效性。 公司注意到,与口服等效制剂相比,外用Delivra-ibropen和Delivra-celecob制剂在治疗关节疼痛和炎症时具有持续减缓长期疼痛和消肿的作用。 上述结果发表在权威同行评审科学杂志《疼痛研究杂志》上,标题为“皮肤非甾体抗炎药在急性关节炎症模型中的渗透和疗效”。 临床前试验由独立的第三方研究组织完成, Delivera-iboulen 和 Delivra-celicoibb 配方具有持续止痛作用。 在研究中,两种 Delivra 制剂都在急性关节炎犬模型中进行了测试。在该模型中,制剂对肿胀和疼痛减轻的作用比其口服等效制剂和试验对照组效果更好。针对这两项外用制剂,公司正在申请PCT专利。 “这一有力数据进一步验证了Delivra的平台技术,作为患有效、安全和方便的止痛膏,Delivra优于口服给药。我们强大的高价值创新系列产品,包括Delivra-布洛芬和Delivra-celecoxib制剂,为投资者提供了一系列难得的投资机会,”Delivra首席执行官Joseph Gabriele说道。