The 10 Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy in 2019

大麻股票大起大落, Aurora 、 Tilray2019年能否持续走俏

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Any cursory look at the markets would reveal that 2018 wasn’t the best year for investors. That goes for speculative assets as well, including marijuana stocks. Although going green has proven net positive for the early birds, the sector tanked heavily during the October selloff. Still, I wouldn’t drop them from your list of stocks to buy just yet. Despite their well-publicized fall from grace, several marijuana stocks have stabilized from their severe correction. While that’s no guarantee that the industry is done spilling blood, the deflated prices will almost certainly attract speculators. Should enough risk-takers enter the arena, publicly traded cannabis companies will jump higher, even if it’s only a temporary swing. However, some other factors suggest that marijuana stocks may enjoy a sustained rise. First, none of the big waves currently spooking benchmark indices affect the legal cannabis industry. Whether it’s political unrest in the Middle East, the spiraling protests in Paris or the ugly Huawei controversy, marijuana for now is mostly a North American issue. InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips Second, medical cannabis potentially offers significant social utility. A stunning Bloomberg article analyzed whether Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) made the right business decision in producing a drug that cured diseases rather than managing them. The perception exists that big pharma companies should focus primarily focus on revenue generation rather than medical breakthroughs. On the other hand, medical marijuana companies have no such quandaries. Because they are typically much smaller outfits, they don’t mind the inability to patent a naturally occurring plant. If anything, an organization that produces a proven, effective cannabis strain would represent a buyout target. This asymmetry challenges big pharma, but makes marijuana-based pharmaceuticals among the best stocks to buy. While the sector remains risky, the deflated market environment offers attractive deals on these 10 marijuana stocks. Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) easily represents the most interesting and controversial picks among marijuana stocks to buy for next year. Within a few months after its initial public offering, TLRY stock pulled a ten-bagger. But as you know, the victory was short-lived, and Tilray came crashing down to earth. Naturally, several analysts and commentators blasted the company as an unsustainable bubble. Keep in mind, though, that since its IPO, TLRY stock is up over 470%. I wouldn’t dismiss such a performance as a failure. Moreover, shares have stabilized near the $100 level. If this company was as terrible as the bears claimed, I doubt TLRY would ride this support line. Now, it’s easy to dismiss any individual opinion. It’s much harder when a banking giant like Barclays (NYSE:BCS) increases their position. Clearly, they view TLRY as one of the best stocks to buy in 2019, and they’re putting their money where their mouth is. The prior two months have not been for Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC). Taking a similar route to most other marijuana stocks, CGC dropped 26% in October. The following November appeared promising, building off a sharp burst of momentum. Unfortunately, the rally lost traction and CGC ended up losing double-digits for the month. But what I like about Canopy Growth is that true to its name, it’s a steady grower. Despite the recent sharp losses, its longer-term bullish trend channel remains intact. I wouldn’t consider hitting the panic button unless shares started to decisively fall below the $25 level. That said, I think the broader fundamentals favor CGC stock. Tilray has a financial institution backing it. For Canopy Growth, they have alcoholic-beverages maker Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ). This is a trend that investors, even the skeptical ones, shouldn’t ignore. Big money is increasingly stepping into the cannabis sector, making CGC one of the best stocks to buy despite its well-publicized setbacks. While most marijuana stocks have struggled to rekindle their prior catalysts, Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON) currently stands above the competition. For the month so far, CRON stock has streaked to an amazing 39% lead. Of course, most of that optimism comes courtesy of Altria Group (NYSE:MO). The iconic tobacco company made headlines when it announced a partnership with Cronos. The deal, worth $1.8 billion, provides CRON with a boatload of cash to further develop its cannabinoid (CBD) products. On the other side of the fence, Altria needs something fresh to reinvigorate its traditional tobacco business. A key long-term synergy could be the vaporizer market. Vaping CBD e-liquids have taken off in terms of popularity. Altria has attempted to break into the vaporizer market with its own heat-not-burn tobacco products. But with Cronos’ expertise in CBD, Altria has another angle in this sector to work. In the meantime, feel free to put CRON in your list of best stocks to buy for next year. Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) has suffered a disjointed long-term performance in the markets, even compared to other marijuana stocks. In 2017, ACB stock shot from near-obscurity to the toast of Wall Street. This year, ACB has shown flashes of brilliance, but little to show for it overall. I expect the cannabis sector to wake from its slumber. When it does, the currently embattled ACB has the potential to become one of the best stocks to buy for 2019. The markets really haven’t responded positively to Aurora’s buyout of Farmacias Magistrales. Farmacias made news when it became the first, and so far only Mexican importer of raw materials that contain the psychoactive component THC. The buyout allows Aurora a viable channel to Latin America’s medical-marijuana market. In addition to Farmacias, ACB has operations in Colombia and Uruguay. Should the industry establish medical breakthroughs in Latin America, advocates will pressure the U.S. to further loosen federal cannabis restrictions. One of the most common misconceptions is that legal-cannabis advocates are only “fronting” to get high. While that use is unavoidable, the botanical industry has several legitimate applications. On the business aspect, several investors assume that all cannabis companies focus on growing weed. But as Auxly Cannabis (OTCMKTS:CBWTF) demonstrates, marijuana stocks feature the same vibrancy and dynamism as other commodity related investments. Auxly specializes in all areas of the legal-cannabis supply chain, with a primary focus on upstream operations. This involves partnering with companies that grow the actual product. In addition, CBWTF levers a viable midstream operation. This includes activities such as extraction, processing and branding. It also involves longer-term efforts like research and development. The biggest advantage for CBWTF to pull this streaming business off is its balance sheet. With a favorable cash-to-debt ratio, Auxly can make key acquisitions and investments while the cannabis market is still young. Formerly known as CannaRoyalty, Origin House (OTCMKTS:ORHOF) is another cannabis firm that made its name through streaming businesses. And while it still generates some revenue through its initial line of work, ORHOF has become a powerhouse in branding. The proof is in its utter domination of California. Unbeknownst to me prior to this write-up, the Golden State is the world’s largest legal cannabis market. With a title like that, it’s a wonder how anything gets done around here. Joking aside, Origin House boasts more than 450 California-based dispensaries and more than 50 popular brands. In other words, if you can make it in California, you can make it anywhere. This bodes very well for ORHOF stock. Last month’s midterm elections proved that legal weed is gaining serious momentum. Inevitably, more recreational markets will open, allowing Origin House to expand its dominating presence. Let’s face facts: Marijuana stocks don’t exactly have the greatest reputation for stability. That goes five-fold for over-the-counter offerings. One notable exception to this rule is Marimed (OTCMKTS:MRMD). While other sector players hemorrhaged severely during the October rout, MRMD stock actually enjoyed a standout performance, gaining nearly 19%. That said, Marimed eventually gave up those gains and then some. Since the first of November, MRMD is down a little over 17%. Still, I think it’s fair to say that compared against other marijuana stocks to buy, Marimed has held up well. Heading into the new year, MRMD has the potential to turn heads. Its biggest advantage is its highly demanded consultation services. Covering everything from licensing application support to facilities management, MRMD provides relevant and critical insights for budding entrepreneurs. Plus in my opinion, Marimed levers one of the brightest and well-rounded leadership teams in the marijuana industry. Marijuana retail outfit Medmen Enterprises (OTCMKTS:MMNFF) suddenly became one of the best stocks to buy in botany around mid-October. Within a matter of days, MMNFF stock skyrocketed over 60%. But like most over-the-counter affairs, Medmen gave up its profits just as quickly. Since its peak closing price, MMNFF stock has dropped a humbling 53%. I get that most investors will balk at such volatility. However, for the speculator, I sense serious growth opportunities for Medmen. The company has established itself as a retailer of premium cannabis products. Yet many investors may not appreciate that Medmen is a vertically integrated organization. From its upstream production operation down to extraction, branding and distribution, Medmen essentially controls its supply chain. This is a “farm-to-bong” business at its finest. As Medmen CEO Adam Bierman stated recently, this structure affords the company generous margin-expansion possibilities. Further, the aforementioned high-profile deals only help validate smaller players like MMNFF stock. Broader and sector weakness has hurt virtually all marijuana stocks. However, the lesser-known names have experienced disproportionate pain. Unfortunately, this is something that Canadian cannabis firm Aleafia Health (OTCMKTS:ALEAF) knows all too well. But despite its severe market loss over the past two-and-a-half months, ALEAF stock offers a speculative opportunity for risk-takers. For starters, the underlying company features the largest network of referral-only medical cannabis clinics in Canada. Furthermore, their patient base continues to increase as the industry gains social recognition and acceptance. Management has also invested heavily in cultivation facilities, targeting an annual growing capacity of 98,000 kilograms in 2019. Most importantly, Aleafia has the substance to back up the outlook. In its most recent third-quarter earnings report, the company increased revenue 36% year-over-year. We’ve arrived at the end of our journey regarding marijuana stocks to buy in 2019. In keeping with my loose tradition, I like to throw in an extremely speculative name. And don’t roll your eyes at me: you know you want to know! The following idea comes from an InvestorPlace reader named Anthony. He asked my opinion regarding Diego Pellicer Worldwide (OTCMKTS:DPWW). My answer to him is the same one I’m giving to you, which is that DPWW stock is extremely risky. Aside from its distressingly low trading volume and market capitalization, Diego Pellicer lacks financial strength to convincingly pull off its licensing and royalties business model. However, I’m intrigued with its premium branding business. Not that I would know, but Diego Pellicer specializes in high-class cannabis products. As companies like Origin House and Medmen have proven, cannabis users eschew quantity for quality. That could lead to a surprising turnaround for DPWW stock.
粗略地看一下市场就会发现,2018年对投资者来说并不是最好的一年。这也适用于投机资产,包括大麻股票。尽管对早期鸟类来说,绿色化已经被证明是正面的,但在10月份的抛售中,这一行业大幅下挫。尽管如此,我还是不会把它们从你的股票名单中删除来买。 尽管他们被广泛宣传的失宠,几只大麻股票已经从严重的调整中稳定下来。虽然这并不能保证整个行业都是在泄血,但通货紧缩的价格几乎肯定会吸引投机者。如果足够多的风险承担者进入这个舞台,上市的大麻公司将会跳得更高,即使这只是一个暂时的波动。 然而,其他一些因素表明,大麻库存可能持续上升。首先,目前令基准指数受到惊吓的大浪潮都不会影响合法大麻行业。无论是中东的政治动荡、巴黎不断升级的抗议,还是华为( Huawei )丑陋的争议,目前大麻大多是北美问题。 投资场所-股票市场新闻、股票咨询和交易提示 其次,医用大麻可能提供重要的社会效用。一篇令人震惊的彭博文章分析了 Gilead Sciences ( NASDAQ : GILD )是否在生产一种治疗疾病而非治疗疾病的药物方面做出了正确的商业决定。人们的看法是,大型制药公司应该主要关注创收,而不是医疗突破。 另一方面,医用大麻公司也没有这种困境。因为它们通常是小得多的装备,所以它们不介意不能为自然产生的植物申请专利。如果说有什么不同的话,一个生产出经过证明有效的大麻毒株的组织将是一个收购目标。这种不对称给大型制药公司带来了挑战,但使以大麻为基础的制药成为最好的收购对象。 尽管该行业仍存在风险,但通缩的市场环境为这10只大麻股票提供了诱人的交易。 Tilray (纳斯达克股票代码: TLRY )很容易代表明年大麻股票中最有趣、最有争议的选择。在其首次公开发行( IPO )后的几个月内, TLRY 股价下跌了10%。但是,正如你所知道的,胜利是短暂的, Tilray 坠毁了地球。 当然,一些分析师和评论人士指责该公司是一个不可持续的泡沫。不过请记住,自上市以来, TLRY 的股价上涨了470%以上。我不会认为这样的表现是失败。此外,股价稳定在100美元附近。如果这家公司像熊所说的那样可怕,我怀疑 TLRY 是否会利用这条支持线。 现在,很容易忽略任何个人观点。当像巴克莱这样的银行业巨头( NYSE : BCS )增加他们的头寸时要困难得多。很明显,他们认为 TLRY 是2019年最好的股票之一,他们把钱放在自己的嘴边。 前两个月并未出现业绩增长( NYSE : CGC )。与其他大多数大麻库存类似, CGC 在10月份下跌了26%。接下来的十一月看起来很有希望,因为势头强劲。不幸的是,反弹失去了牵引力, CGC 最终在本月失去了两位数。 但我喜欢的是大麻生长的名字,它是一个稳定的种植者。尽管近期大幅下跌,但其长期看涨趋势通道仍未改变。除非股价开始决定性地跌破25美元的水平,否则我不会考虑点击恐慌按钮。尽管如此,我认为更广泛的基本面有利于 CGC 股票。 Tilray 有一个支持它的金融机构。对于 Canopy Growth ,他们有酒精饮料制造商星座品牌( NYSE : STZ )。这是一种趋势,投资者,甚至是持怀疑态度的投资者,都不应忽视。巨额资金正越来越多地进入大麻领域,使 CGC 成为最好的股票之一,尽管其受到广泛宣传的挫折。 虽然大多数大麻股票一直难以重新点燃他们以前的催化剂, Cronos 集团( NASDAQ : CRON )目前站在竞争之上。截至目前为止, CRON 的股价已连续下跌39%.当然,大部分乐观来自奥驰亚集团( NYSE : MO )。 这家标志性的烟草公司宣布与克罗诺斯建立合作关系时,成为了头条新闻。这笔价值18亿美元的交易为 CRON 提供了大量现金,以进一步开发其大麻( CBD )产品。在栅栏的另一边,奥驰亚需要新鲜的东西来振兴它的传统烟草业务。 一个关键的长期协同作用可能是汽化器市场。就受欢迎程度而言,真空 CBD 电子液体已经开始流行起来。奥驰亚试图通过自己生产的不烧热烟草产品打入汽化器市场。但由于克罗诺斯在 CBD 方面的专长,奥驰亚在这一领域还有另一个工作的角度。 同时,可以自由地将 CRON 列入明年最好的股票名单。 Aurora Cannabis (纽约证券交易所: ACB )在市场上长期表现不一致,甚至与其他大麻股票相比也是如此。2017年, ACB 的股票从近乎模糊的状态飙升至华尔街的祝酒辞。今年, ACB 显示出了辉煌的闪光,但总体上几乎没有显示。 我预计大麻行业将从沉睡中醒来。当它这样做的时候,目前陷入困境的 ACB 有可能成为2019年最好的股票之一。市场确实没有对 Aurora 收购 Farmacas Magdisales 做出积极回应。农民成为第一个消息时,农业,到目前为止只有墨西哥进口商的原材料,含有精神活性成分 THC 。 收购使 Aurora 成为拉美医用大麻市场的可行渠道。除了 Farmacas , ACB 在哥伦比亚和乌拉圭也有业务。如果该行业在拉丁美洲取得医疗突破,支持者将迫使美国进一步放松对大麻的限制。 最常见的误解之一是,大麻合法化的倡导者只是“正面”走高。虽然这种使用是不可避免的,但植物行业有几种合法的应用。在商业方面,一些投资者认为,所有大麻公司都专注于种植大麻。 但正如 AuxlyCannabis ( OTCMKTS : CBWTF )所展示的那样,与其他大宗商品相关投资一样,大麻股票也具有活力和活力。Auxly 专注于法律大麻供应链的所有领域,主要专注于上游业务。这涉及与开发实际产品的公司合作。 此外, CBWTF 利用了可行的中游操作。这包括提取、加工和品牌推广等活动。它还涉及研发等长期努力。 CBWTF 最大的优势在于其资产负债表。凭借良好的现金负债比率, Auxly 可以在大麻市场还很年轻的时候进行关键的收购和投资。 以前被称为 CannaRoyalty , Origin House ( OTCMKTS : ORHOF )是另一家通过流媒体业务命名的大麻公司。尽管 ORHOF 仍然通过其最初的工作系列获得了一些收入,但它已成为品牌的强大力量。 证据是它完全控制了加州。在撰写此书之前,我不知道金州是世界上最大的合法大麻市场。有了这样的标题,这是一个奇怪的事情如何在这里完成。除此之外, Origin House 拥有超过450家加州药房和50多个知名品牌。 换句话说,如果你能在加州制造,你可以在任何地方制造。这对 ORHOF 股票来说是个好兆头。上月的中期选举证明,合法的杂草正变得越来越严重。不可避免的是,更多的娱乐市场将开放,从而使 Origin House 扩大其主导地位。 让我们面对事实:大麻股票并不是最稳定的股票。这一价格是柜台交易价格的5倍。这个规则的一个明显例外是 Marimed ( OTCMKTS : MRMD )。 虽然其他部门的球员在10月的暴跌中严重出血,但 MRMD 股票却表现出色,上涨了近19%。尽管如此, Marimed 最终放弃了这些收益,然后放弃了一些。自11月1日以来, MRMD 的跌幅略高于17%。 不过,我认为相对于其他要购买的大麻股票而言, Marimed 的表现还不错。进入新的一年, MRMD 有潜力扭转。 它最大的优势是它要求很高的咨询服务。从许可应用程序支持到设施管理, MRMD 为刚起步的企业家提供了相关和关键的见解。此外,我认为, Marimed 利用了大麻行业最聪明、最全面的领导团队之一。 10月中旬,大麻零售机构 Medmen Enterprises ( OTCMKTS : MMNFF )突然成为植物界最好的股票之一。短短几天内, MMNFF 股价飙升了60%以上。但就像大多数场外交易一样, Medmen 也迅速放弃了利润。 自其最高收盘价以来, MMNFF 股价已下跌53%。我知道,大多数投资者都会对这种波动视而不见。然而,对于投机者来说,我感觉到了 Medmen 的严重增长机会。 该公司已成为高档大麻产品的零售商。然而,许多投资者可能不理解 Medmen 是一个垂直整合的组织。从上游生产运营到提取、品牌推广和分销, Medmen 从根本上控制了其供应链。这是最好的“农活”生意。 正如 Medmen 首席执行官 AdamBierman 最近所说,这种结构为公司提供了慷慨的利润扩张的可能性。此外,上述高调交易仅有助于验证 MMNFF 股票等较小的参与者。 更广泛和行业的疲软实际上伤害了所有的大麻库存。然而,这些不太知名的名字却经历了不成比例的痛苦。不幸的是,加拿大大麻公司 AleafiaHealth ( OTCMKTS : ALEAF )对此非常了解。 不过,尽管过去两个半月的市场严重亏损, ALEAF 股票为风险承担者提供了一个投机机会。首先,标的公司拥有加拿大最大的转诊医疗大麻诊所网络。此外,随着行业获得社会认可和认可,他们的患者基础继续增加。 管理层还对种植设施进行了大量投资,目标是2019年的年生产能力达到9.8万公斤。最重要的是,阿勒菲亚的实质是支持前景。在最近的第三季度收益报告中,公司收入同比增长36%。 我们到了2019年购买大麻股票的旅程结束时。按照我宽松的传统,我喜欢用一个极具投机性的名字.不要把你的眼睛盯着我:你知道你想知道! 下面的想法来自一个名为 Anthony 的 InvestorPlace 读者。他问我关于迭戈·佩利泽全球( OTCMKTS : DPWW )的看法。我给他的答案与我给你的相同,那就是 DPWW 股票风险极高。除了令人痛苦的低交易量和市场资本化之外, Diego Pellicer 缺乏令人信服地退出其许可和特许经营业务模式的资金实力。 然而,我对它的优质品牌业务很感兴趣。我不知道,但是迭戈·佩利杰专门研究高级大麻产品。正如 Origin House 和 Medmen 等公司所证明的那样,大麻使用者在质量上避开了数量。这可能导致 DPWW 库存的意外好转。